About Us

GlobalXtreme is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Informatics Services. We provide powerful and reliable Internet services via both fiber optic cables and wireless connections, which encompasses an extensive area to suit our customers’ needs. We offer our services at competitive prices which are supported by our accomplished customer support team. Our connection packages are available in a variety of prices to suit your needs such as our Fiber Optic with up to 25 Mbps (Bali Islands) and Wireless Broadband with up to 3 Mbps (Bali Islands). We are your best local Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are the solutions for your internet connection.

GlobalXtreme now has branch offices in Bali, Malang, Balikpapan and Samarinda. We have met the standard and requirements laws and or regulations in Indonesia, we also have the the most powerful internet network, which equitable, and have reached very large areas.

Our Vision

As a leading ISP company in Indonesia, GlobalXtreme has a motto “Committed to Better Quality”, which encourages all of the GlobalXtreme staff to dedicate themselves to consistently improving and maintaining the quality of our services.

Our Mission aims to provide the best quality internet access facilities and interconnecting alternative solutions at affordable prices, provide useful information to the general public, and empower communities to face global competition as well as provide Informatics solutions to enhance time and work efficiency. We provide a wide range of high quality internet and networking solutions at affordable prices.

Know More About Us

The corporate culture in can be seen in the composition of the team work which is dominated by young people with high levels of integrity, professionalism, dedication, and motivation. The staff and the management form a tight-knit team. Professionalism and job satisfaction are key to creating a conducive atmosphere and encouraging both creativity and productivity.

GlobalXtreme as a whole believes that our customers have the right to receive only the best. Through this belief we have a strong commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Our connection services are dedicated link connections which means we are dedicated in providing Internet connection to our customers with speeds as specified in their respective plans, 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer both fiber optic and wireless local area services, which are both well suited for complex institutions (i.e. universities, factories, offices, hospitals, banks, hotels) and can be implemented to suit many other needs.